We are an alliance of independent, internationally focused law firms committed toproviding our clients with the best available representation on their cross-bordermatters. Founded in 1989, we have grown steadily, through a highly selectiveadmissions process. Today we are present in more than 50 countries and 130 cities,including the world’s major commercial and financial centers. Our members not onlyhave exceptional understanding of their local markets, but are also able seamlessly tointegrate their local expertise into the applicable multi-jurisdictional framework of anycross-border project. Because outstanding client service is our top priority, ourmembers exercise independent judgment regarding referrals, whether to member firmsor outside the alliance, always depending on the optimal skill sets and geographicallocations required for the matter.In all cases, we seek to ensure the highest quality ofservice, prompt response and dedication to seeing the matter through in a costeffectivemanner.